Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Health (a new label)

Today we are adding a new label to Bards and Tales, namely 'Health'. So often health tips appear online that we would like to share and yet, until now, we have not made space for it. Some of these pertinent tips have been posted on the Multiverse blog, but we believe they are more suited to this space. Bards and Tales is for 'tales and inspiration from bards then and now' and that includes tales for our imaginative and creative sides, inspiration for our minds, hearts and souls, and should also include tips for general well-being, our bodies inside and out. A Healthy Body equals a Healthy Mind, after all.

The 'Health' label will encompass foodstuffs, exercise tips, body knowledge and those odd and informative memes we sometimes come across. We may even post stunning vegetable images, a feast for our eyes :)

Here's to our HEALTH!