Sunday, 25 January 2015

100 000 !!!!

Baby blog (you'll remember why I call it that if you've been stopping by for a while!) has grown by leaps and bounds until we've now hit 100 000 visitors and more! Thank you so much for your support! HUGE appreciation!

A selection from the past:

A few gifts for you!

Thank you and here's to the next 100 000!


Friday, 2 January 2015


Page Popularity

In order of popularity, this is how you viewed pages to date ;)

1. South African Myths and Legends
2. Maori Insights
3. African Proverbs
4. Buddhism
5. Aboriginal Wisdom
6. Native American Sages
7. Fairy Tales
8. Christmas Tales
9. Inspirational Stories
10. Lore of Arcana
11. Lore of Reaume

Bards and Tales - The Top 5

All time top 5 posts!

Let's make more history in 2015!