Monday, 9 February 2009

Saturday, 24 January 2009


A line is drawn in the sand. Do you step over or onto it? Do you contemplate it or don't you see it all? Does it intrigue or does nothing resonate inside you long enough for it to impact?

A stone balances precariously on a larger one. Do you wonder how it came to be there or do you simply accepts its place? Do you wonder when it will fall and how, or does nothing resonate within you long enough for it to impact?

An unusual sound disturbs the quiet. Do you listen or not? Do you hope to hear it again or is the disturbance of no matter? Do you unravel its mystery or does nothing resonate within you long enough for it have impact?

Who drew the line in the sand? To what end? Who placed the stone on another? To what end? Who disturbed the quiet? To what end?

Who did what doesn't matter. What matters is that you see, think and listen. Only then do you speak. Only then will your words count- they will resonate inside and they will impact.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Speak No Evil

We've spoken about seeing and hearing, but

speaking, in my opinion, is the worst of the three.

Speak No Evil!!!!

Or we are as bad as every warmonger out there.

We must be examples, particularly to the youth,

so they will grow up with wisdom and compassion

and become the clear voices of the future.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

No Evil

Again Auckland Daily Photo has astounded with a photo of something very normal...and really for the BARDS.

Hear No Evil

Blocking ears is akin to sticking a head in the sand...and we are not ostriches! Hate speak in whatever form is not a good thing, but ignoring it is as bad. I do understand that in certain situations it is better to keep quiet, but allow your silence to deny what you hear. Other times it is duty to listen and then ensure you are listened to in turn.

Your friends and family should not hear words of judgment and prejudice from you- lead by example. If everyone everywhere hears only peace, compassion and understanding, our world will be a better place.

It starts with me and you and your best friend, your father, my daughter....

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

See No Evil (2)

And there is beauty and perfect simplicity...and no evil in sight. This is Earth. Thank you again to Auckland Daily Photo!!!

See No Evil

Stand back and view our global village: note strife is prevalent everywhere. We have already had the war to end all wars, and yet it stopped nothing. Wars flourish all over: wars of greed, wars of ideology, wars of prejudice, ethnic wars, economic wars, war of poverty, land, food, oil and war for the sake of war. We see it daily on the news, in newspapers, in headlines posted online. We see evil...and can't do much to change it.

Have a positive attitude, look at the bright side, see the good first, that is what we tell ourselves, and just maybe it will spread and change the world. It doesn't quite work that way. We may change our environment, to be sure, but how is that ever enough to aid Planet Earth and all her people?

See no evil...and it doesn't exist. Many think that way, and that can never be acceptable.

I have no answers, but the hope that many of you out there will stop to think twice before accusing friend or stranger of something untoward, or that you might have compassion for those caught in the grip of a situation not their making, rather than switch the channel, is a step. A very small step, but add it to the attitude that can change your environment and then go forth and help others to change theirs...and just maybe the winds of change will blow stronger.

Seeing no evil is never acceptable. Seeing starts with every one of us. Change starts in every one of us. Please look around you.